Sunday, February 4, 2007

Another reason why you should learn English

Many students are eager to learn English in order to get into good colleges or to get better jobs in their countries or in America. However, to cosmopolitan people, the main reason for learning English is to communicate with different people from different cultures. Traveling gives us good opportunities to listen and speak English, which is the international language, and to learn other cultures effectively. If you speak and understand English better than others, your travel will be more interesting and informative to you. I have been to many different countries : France, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, and Korea.
I was pleased to communicate with those people and I could fully understand their diverse cultures. Seeing with talking is much more betther than reading a book!


scilit said...

There's nothing better to opening the doors of a new culture than to speaking the language. I speak 4 languages. When I read a translation of a book that I read in the original language I see how much is missing in the translation. You don't get the passion that comes with the language.

Jawon Park said...

Thank you for your comment!
By the way, what languages do you speak? I'm just curious, because I want to be a multilingual in order to have convenient trips to other countries in my future. Thank you.

AParshall said...

Wow, it seems like you have had some pretty awesome experiences. I bet you have learned to really appreciate different cultures in a new and exciting way. I have to admit that I am not very cultured and I would really like to get to visit some of the places that you have visited. Thanks for sharing your experiences.