Sunday, January 28, 2007

My First Blog in My Life!

It took almost an hour to follow only three steps in creating my first blog . But I am really excited with my success job on the trendy technology work. In fact, it is very interesting to do this as a verbal person (Digital Immigrant)!! I am so glad to learn technology this semester, and I feel I am a newer generation than my high school kids, and of course, than my old fashioned husband.^^ (I'm sorry!)


Jenn Swaisgood said...

Great blog! I had to laugh when I read that it took you an hour to do three things! I felt the same way when I made my blog. It took me forever just to figure out what I was doing and how to add something. Once I figured it out though, it became really fun! Nice blog!

m.woods said...

Hi Jawon,

I'm currently teaching English as a second language, and I saw that you have a lot of experience in that I thought I'd check out your blog!

As for my blog, it's taking me a while to fiddle around with all the settings. I haven't even posted yet! You can check out my blog at But it's not very interesting yet...


Mrs. K said...

This reminds me of a favorite quote:
Nothing is as simple as we hope it will be."
"Jim Horning
The blog looks great, though, and I hope it will become easier and enjoyable. As the parent of a teen and two twenty-somethings, I know the joy of showing them a thing or two!

Aimee said...

I agree!...It is pretty cool to be a blogger! I do feel up with the times!

MarkInc said...

I have been searching for blogs that deal with foreign language education and educational technology. I haven't really found that many. This teacher's blog looks like he keeps on top of technology: Integrating ICT into the MFL Classroom He teaches on the Isle of Wight. Let me pretend like I know where that is... :)